March 21, 2009


HOW SAD FOR Number (N)ine this year :/ F/W 09 is these final season so say goodbye. AND make sure you buy as much shit as you can because DUH its going to end in abouttttt 7 months.

plan a trip to the tribeca area this winter to purchase your finalssssssssss!

TOOODAY is gloomy outside so im going to be wearing many layers. AN D TONIGHT i will be attending L.A. fashion week. IKNOW LA FASHION WEEK SUCKS but i have access to it so why not go?

Something to gaze at during the wait. OHHHH Alaia for F/W 09??
ok so the hard to find recluse of a small designer is here. i found a few pictures
MMMM look at the feathering and detailing. girl you know you wont ever be able to afford it.
Azzedine Alaia's

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